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void edu::neu::ccs::jmk::FileOperator::exec ( String[]  args,
PrintWriter  out 
) throws CommandFailedException [inline]

Applies the file operator to each argument. If an argument contains the wild card character '*', the argument is expanded, and the file operator is applied to each element in the expansion.

args operands given to the file operator
out place to write messages
CommandFailedException if operation failed

Definition at line 57 of file FileOperator.java.

References exec(), and edu::neu::ccs::jmk::Operator::getName().

    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); // For error messages
    exec(args, out, sb);
    if (sb.length() != 0) {   // Errors occurred
      sb.insert(0, getName());
      throw new CommandFailedException(sb.toString());

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