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edu::neu::ccs::jmk::Loader Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The loader class for reading and parsing makefiles. This class is rather large because it contains the complete makefile parser and most of an expression evaluator.
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May 1999
John D. Ramsdell

Definition at line 36 of file Loader.java.

Package Functions

void load () throws ParseError
 Loader (Make make, Reader in)

Private Member Functions

Expression append (Expression exp, String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
void assign (Global var) throws ParseError
Expression block (String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
Expression call (String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
Command commandItem (String operatorName) throws ParseError
Command[] commandList () throws ParseError
Expression cond (String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
void conditional () throws ParseError
void decl (int token) throws ParseError
void drop ()
StringList evalStringList (Expression exp) throws ParseError
Expression expecting (int wanted, int got) throws ParseError
Expression funct (String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
Expression ident (String identifier, CompEnv env)
void include () throws ParseError
Expression item (int token, String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
Expression list (int token, String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
Expression listEnd (int token, String name, CompEnv env, int end) throws ParseError
 Loader (Make make, File file, Reader in, GlobalTable table)
Expression loop (String name, CompEnv env) throws ParseError
int peek () throws ParseError
String[] prerequisiteList () throws ParseError
int readIdentifier (int ch) throws IOException
int readString () throws IOException, ParseError
void rule (Expression exp) throws ParseError
int scan () throws ParseError
void showValue (Value v)
String token2string (int token)
boolean tokenStartsItem (int token)

Static Private Member Functions

static String unscanString (String s)

Private Attributes

boolean conditionTrue = true
File file
LineNumberReader in
boolean isCharPushedBack = false
boolean isTokenSaved = false
Make make
PrintWriter out
int pushedBackChar
int savedToken
String string
GlobalTable table
boolean verbose

Static Private Attributes

static final ClassOperator classOperator = new ClassOperator()
static final BinaryFileOperator copy
static final CreateOperator create = new CreateOperator()
static final FileOperator delall
static final FileOperator delete
static final int DO_TOKEN = -10
static final String DO_WORD = "do"
static final int ELSE_TOKEN = -7
static final String ELSE_WORD = "else"
static final int END_TOKEN = -8
static final String END_WORD = "end"
static final int EOF_TOKEN = -1
static final ExecOperator exec = new ExecOperator()
static final int FUNCTION_TOKEN = -9
static final String FUNCTION_WORD = "function"
static final int IDENTIFIER_TOKEN = -3
static final int IF_TOKEN = -5
static final String IF_WORD = "if"
static final int INCLUDE_TOKEN = -4
static final String INCLUDE_WORD = "include"
static final FileOperator mkdir
static final FileOperator mkdirs
static final NoteOperator note = new NoteOperator()
static final BinaryFileOperator rename
static final int STRING_TOKEN = -2
static final int THEN_TOKEN = -6
static final String THEN_WORD = "then"


class  Append
class  Call
class  Closure
class  CompEnv
class  Constant
class  If
class  Lambda
class  Let
class  Letrec
class  Lexical
class  Nil

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