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edu::neu::ccs::jmk::Make Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The make class. After loading a makefile, instances of this class contain a set of rules and patterns that maintain the consistency of a set of files. The rules are invoked by supplying a list of targets to the make method.

The most important part of the make algorithm is coded in the make method of a rule.

See also:
November 1997
John D. Ramsdell

Definition at line 41 of file Make.java.

Public Member Functions

void exec (String[] args, java.io.PrintWriter out) throws CommandFailedException
void exec (String[] args, PrintWriter out) throws CommandFailedException
File getFile ()
String getName ()
PrintWriter getOut ()
boolean isInterruptEnabled ()
boolean isJustPrinting ()
boolean isVerbose ()
synchronized void load (Reader in) throws ParseError
synchronized void load () throws FileNotFoundException, ParseError
synchronized boolean make (String[] targets) throws CommandFailedException
void readAndMake (String[] targets, boolean useWindow, boolean useSwing) throws CommandFailedException
void setFile (File file)
void setInterruptEnabled (boolean interrupt)
void setJustPrinting (boolean justPrinting)
void setOut (PrintWriter out)
void setVerbose (boolean verbose)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Static Public Attributes

static final String version = "Make for Java version 1.5"

Package Functions

void addRule (String target, String[] prerequisites, Command[] commands, int lineNumber)
Rule get (String name)
boolean tryPatterns (Rule rule)

Private Member Functions

void fail () throws CommandFailedException
boolean maybeAddPattern (String target, String[] prerequisites, Command[] commands, int lineNumber)
boolean maybeAddSpecialTarget (String target, String[] prerequisites)
Rule put (Rule rule)
void usage () throws CommandFailedException

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean isPattern (String target, String[] prerequisites)

Private Attributes

String defaultTarget = "default"
Hashtable dir = new Hashtable()
File file = new File(defaultMakefileName)
boolean hasSeenARule
boolean justPrinting = false
PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(System.out, true)
Vector patterns = new Vector()
boolean verbose = false

Static Private Attributes

static final String defaultMakefileName = "makefile.jmk"
static volatile boolean interrupt = false

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