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edu::neu::ccs::jmk::Rule Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class implements rules.
November 1997
John D. Ramsdell

Definition at line 34 of file Rule.java.

Package Functions

String getLocalizedTarget ()
String getTarget ()
boolean isUpdating ()
boolean make () throws CommandFailedException
void merge (Rule[] addedPrerequisites, Command[] commands, int lineNumber)
void reset ()
 Rule (Make make, String target)
void setPhony (boolean phony)
boolean tryPattern (String match, String[] dependencies, Command[] commands, int lineNumber)

Private Member Functions

Rule[] checkDates ()
void checkPatterns ()
boolean exists ()
boolean isMade ()
long lastModified ()
boolean runCommands (Rule[] newer, PrintWriter out) throws CommandFailedException
void setMatch (String match)

Static Private Member Functions

static boolean makeGoals (Rule[] rules, PrintWriter out) throws CommandFailedException
static void resetGoals (Rule[] rules)

Private Attributes

long cachedLastModified = 0L
Command[] commands = new Command[0]
File file
int lineNumber = -1
boolean made = false
Make make
String match = null
boolean patternsChecked = false
boolean phony = false
Rule[] prerequisites = new Rule[0]
String target
boolean updating = false
boolean used = false
boolean verbose = false

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