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edu::neu::ccs::jmk::StringUtils Class Reference

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Detailed Description

String processing functions. These functions are used by the makefile loader to implement its string processing functions. The results computed by a string processing function is appended to its list argument to produce the final result.
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May 1999
John D. Ramsdell

Definition at line 37 of file StringUtils.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static String generalizePaths (String paths)
static String localizePaths (String paths)

Static Package Functions

static StringList cat (StringList input, StringList list)
static StringList dirs (StringList input, StringList list)
static StringList equal (StringList sl1, StringList sl2, StringList list)
static StringList getprop (StringList input, StringList list)
static StringList glob (StringList input, StringList list) throws CommandFailedException
static StringList join (StringList prefixes, StringList suffixes, StringList list)
static StringList patsubst (String pattern, String replacement, StringList input, StringList list)
static String stringSubst (String pattern, String replacement, String string)
static StringList subst (String pattern, String replacement, StringList input, StringList list)

Static Private Attributes

static final char genericPathSeparatorChar = ';'
static final char genericSeparatorChar = '/'

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